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Cantos y Poetas Sociales De Chile - A 50 Años De La Batalla de Allende

This theatrical musical production, based on traditional Chilean music, weaves the long history of over a century of working-class men, women and children who have been a critical part of Chilean culture and society.


About the Company

Evolutionary Music Co-Op (EvMC) is a non-profit music and media co-operative designed to enable artists to create conscious music that can be shared with fans, community members, and organizations who value music as a tool for inspiration, change and healing. The music we produce and present spans genres of music and generations, building Toronto's unique intercultural creative potential to create new evolutionary forms of music to entertain, and inspire positive change in the world. Find out more about them here: Evolutionary Music Co-Op

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Hector Pavez
Ernesto J. Espinoza
Paula Videla Rodriguez
Mark Hundevad
Oriana Barbato
Electric Bass

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Also Playing At Young Centre