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Ghazal Partou is an Iranian-Canadian actress and multidisciplinary artist. Ghazal is the recipient of the "Lead Actress" Special Mention from the Five Continents International Film Festival, the Best Acting award from the Ark Gate International Film Festival, the Toronto Arts Foundation/TELUS "Newcomer Artist" award, the Persbook Contemporary Art award, and the National Sculpture Biennial award in Tehran. She received her B.A. and acting degree in Iran and continued her education at the Toronto Film School. Her combined knowledge of visual art and drama has allowed her to expand her world of creation. She seeks to establish an interactive relationship with the audience and to raise fresh questions in their minds. With the revision and redesign of familiar concepts, she makes of them a means for fresh expression, an expression whose elements are rooted in daily life but which ultimately creates and narrates what has been hidden underneath those familiar forms. Since landing in Canada, Ghazal has been active in a diverse range of thought-provoking artistic projects as an actor, performance artist, creative director, singer and designer. Her overarching goal is to make the most out of the multicultural potential of Toronto, find an international language as an artist and connect with the core of humanity beyond race, language, nationality, and ethnicity.