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Co-Director & Set Designer

Born in Tehran and based in Toronto since 2013. SOULPEPPER 2023: English FOR SOULPEPPER: Design: Marat/Sade, Blood Wedding, The Dead, Soulpepper Concert Series. Assistant Director: Jesus Hopped the A Train OTHER THEATRE: The Flick, Trojan Girls and the Outhouse of Atreus, Dr. Silver, TomorrowLove, The Tape Escape, Vitals ( Outside the March), Chitra (The Shaw Festival), Jane Eyre (The Citadel Theatre), Hand to God, The Aliens (Coalmine Theatre) The Little Prince (Puzzle Piece), Take D Milk N'ah, Shove It Down My Throat (Pandemic Theatre) Bloom, The Lesson (Modern Time Theatre) FILM & TELEVISION: The Young Arsonists, The Players, Salome Learns to Dance, Spaceman OTHER: Recipient of 2 Dora awards, 2 theatre critics awards. Graduate of the Soulpepper Academy, Concordia university and Calarts.