Staff List

Young Centre for the Performing Arts
50 Tank House Lane
Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4

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Phone: 416.866.8666
Fax: 416.504.5222
Box Office Fax: 416.504.1666

GBSP Centre Corp. Board of Directors

John D. McKellar
Michael Vukets
Casey Chisick, Luigi Ferrara, Mark Nesbitt, Albert Schultz, Martha Tory


General Director
Albert Schultz
Managing Director
Leslie Lester
Director of Finance
Paul Harding
Director of Development: Major Gifts & Special Campaigns
Mary Koutsoubos
Director of Communications
Brad Lepp
Laura McLeod
Director of Production
LJ Savage
Director of Development
Teri Worthington Coombs

Administration & Operations

Operations Services Coordinator
Jamie Galbraith

I.T. Manager
Fernando Arriola

Building Operations Manager
Kevin O'Connor


Events and Engagement Coordinator
Samantha Semczyszyn

I.T. Systems Analyst
Niklass Stanko


Café Kitchen Supervisor
Shaunna Miller

House Technicians
Megan Burns
Melissa Grandovec
Alex Maitland

Building Operator
Oscar Pessole

Patricia Sung
Jerrome Talosig


Patron Services

Senior Manager of Patron
and Operations Services

Tal Hebdon

Assistant Patron Services

Laura Bonang

Assistant Patron Services Manager: Tessitura Database
Michael Longfield


Senior Patron Services Representative
Alexander Plouffe

Floor Captains
Gaby Grice
Rachel Moase
Melissa Ringuette


Senior Ushers
Alyksandra Ackerman, Ima Barbosa, Justine Bochenek, Annie Briggs, Chrissi Chau, Alison Dowling, Molison Farmer, Sam Hanna, Jeffery Johnston, James King, Mark Kredes, Jennifer Krukowski, Thalia Leonard, Karina Milech, Jessie Park-Wheeler, Melissa Ringuette, Alan Shonfield, Andrea Tomonko, Daniel Williston, Nicholas Wong


Patron Services Representatives
Sean Foreman, Gaby Grice, Michael Hogan, Shannon Lahaie, Monique Renaud, Shayna Stevenson, Sarah Thorpe, Lauren Walsh-Greene


Floor Captains
Gaby Grice, Rachael Moase, Melissa Ringuette


Café Staff
James King, Daniel Macandog, Krista McKenna, Leah Douglas, Nathan Girdharry, Raiden Laford-Scodellaro, Carol-Ann Rigby, Duncan Rowe, Megan Warren, Paige Zambonelli, Anastasia Zavarella


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